Powertec Generator System Inc.
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Powertec Generator System Inc.
Powertec Generator System Inc.

Company Culture

OUR VISION :  To be a great brand and illuminate the life with our excelsior hearts

OUR MISSION : Power your world

OUR CORE VALUE: Diligence, Loyalty, Excellence on science and technology

OUR POLICY:Carefully Design/High-Effective Product/Professional Technology/ Considerate After-Sale Service


Powertec Generator System Co., Ltd is the pioneer and leader in innovative Diesel & Gas generator set.Our brand is highly sought after by customer who looking for better quality diesel generator set equipment that can be customized with extensive.                                                  

Being one of the biggest Diesel & Gas generator sets solution supplier of the China, Powertec will continue to explorative and produce a full line of innovative to environment-friendly diesel & gas generator sets with lower fuel consumption.