Powertec Generator System Inc.
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Powertec Generator System Inc.
Powertec Generator System Inc.

Air Port and Sea Terminal


POWERTEC offer a comprehensive electric power solutions to the sea/air terminal port. According to special requirement of terminal port, RTG special used silent type genset , dual speed system, and hybird type RTG genset ,ATS system  is usually recommended.


Customer Situation


1、Ambient temperature is -15℃ to 40℃, altitude is less than 1000 meters

2、Highly corrosive 

3、Special equipment has strict emission requiremen and low consumption.




1、Genset configuration will be adjusted or some external auxiliary equipment will be added according to practical working environment or working condition. Such as:

 a. Mounting water heater or oil heater. Enhance heat radiating from the radiator to be able working in high temperature.

2、Genset radiator made for salinization prevention, cooper core plated with tin,base frame and orhter hardware galvanized to resist the marine climate.The alternator winding is special made sothat meet to marine alternator level.Besides, the alternator is mounted with air intake filter and anti-condensation heater.

3、For the RTG working at sea terminal,we specially design a silent type genset for it. It has simple constructure,raining-proof and leakage-proof. The surface sandbladsting of RTG genset canopy achieve to SA 2.5 and contains 3 layers of painting which thickness is 250mm .The emission of engine complys to Euro Ⅲ. 

4、POWERTEC researched and developed dual peed and frequency conversion system for the RTG hoisting container.The genset works at full speed when RTGC is lifting containers.When RTGC is on non-load condition, generator set will despin and continue supplying power for the other loading of RTG .With this ,the it can save so much consumption for user.

5、For the problem caused by RTG fuel being instead of electric power, POWERTEC has researched and developed electric power easy conversion system to achieve the balance of automatic,steady,continuous conversion between fuel and electric power.It is easy to operate and save the time of conversion.

6、POWERTECdeveloped increased type hybrid system for RTG hoisting up container. With super battery pack ,the small power genset is able to output equal power to big power genset.What’s more, it works work easy and has higher impact resistance.The fuel saving rate could be as high as 63%.