Powertec Generator System Inc.
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Powertec Generator System Inc.
Powertec Generator System Inc.

Genset Room Soundproofing System


Genset Noise Pollition Treatment System:


· Air exhaust noise reduction system

· Smoke exhaust noise reduction system

· Exhaust smoke cleaning device

· Noise-absorbing Ceiling 

· Fireproof and soundproof door

1. Noise insulation and elimination technical proposal will be combined to reduce the genset noise.

Noise insulation--Entrance of generator room will be sealed to insulate noise spreading.


2. To comply to requirement of genset noise pollution treatment system, the following measures are will be recommended:

* Noise insulation and elimination will be adopted at genset room wall and ceiling and contain the noise only inside Genset room.

* Forced air intake and exhaust flue, radiator flue should be installed in the genset room. While flesh air for the working genset should be replenished in time and high temperature exhaust air inside the room should be discharged in time too. Improve genset working condition to increase the service life.

* The silencer should be installed in the air intake and exhaust flue and industrial level mufflers should be installed at smoke vent to reduce noise from the outside of genset room.

* Through the Noise Pollution Treatment, the genset room is able to meet the standard of environmental noise of urban area.