Powertec Generator System Inc.
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Powertec Generator System Inc.
Powertec Generator System Inc.

Maintenance service




All gensets produced from POWERTEC will have guaranteed warranty for 1 year or genset running 1000 hours. The repair fee and spare parts cost is borne by POWERTEC if there is any malfunction happen to the genset. POWERTEC insists the principal of satisfy every customer requirement and always prepare spare parts, technical advisory, genset maintenance and technician training for customers. Immediately respond or maintenance dispatching will be offered to customer within 24 hours as soon as we get customer claiming for technical assistance. We will keep serving until problem is solved out and accepted by customers.

Maintenance Staff


Diesel Generator Set After-Sale Service

After-Sale Service Tel:+86 0752-391 1119-221   13824337983   Mr Pan

Sales Hot-line:+86 0752-391 1119


Service System


 I、Pre-Sale Service

POWERTEC professional engineers will offer technical advisory and genset guidance before sale to customers. Help to analyze the problems that ever happened on customer’s genset and put forward the solution for them. As for the selection of standby powerplant, genset power, electric power distribution equipment, the construction standard, etc, we will dispatch experienced technicians to the site and offer a practicable advice and plan to customer which include cost details, acceptance criteria.

 II、Middle-Sale Service

We will to follow up customers aperiodically after the genset has been delivered. Investigating the situation of genset, evaluating the quality of genset and carry out suggestions report of maintenance to customers.  The reports will be made out automatically by our integrated customer processing system and powerful database so that it can track the products precisely. And then offer the most proper after-sales service center and flexible delivery to the customers. Besides, all of published contacts directly connect to the service of the product. It removes customer's worries.

III、After-Sales Service

1、Provide genset room soundproofing system designment and power distribution plan for free

2、Provide installation and commissioning guidance for free

3、Providing freely genset operation training & advisory for customer technician

4、Online freely maintenance guidance

5、Establish files for customer to offer tracking service, regular inspection and genset whole lift maintenance;

6、Powertec provides all genset spare parts and our technical engineers will provide genset technical assistance to customer;