Powertec Generator System Inc.
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Powertec Generator System Inc.
Powertec Generator System Inc.
Trailer Type
Trailer Type

POWERTEC trailer type diesel generator set is beautiful in appearance and small in size. It can be connected with the tractor to form a mobile power station, which is suitable for field and mobile operation.



Traffic Safety

● Standardized with gears and supporting legs for parking safety;

● Equipped with guide wheel sand traction chain for driving safety;

● Dual brake spring and damping devices are equipped to ensure the safety of mobile

● Optional equipped with warning lights, turn signals and reflective stickers for passive safety;

● According to the power of the unit, it can be divided into single-axis double-wheel and double-axis four-wheel structure

Shock Absorption System  

● Vibration absorbers are mounted between the engine, alternator and base frame, which can effectively reduce vibration and ensure stable running;

● The high-quality base frame material can improve the vibration reduction effect.



Easy Mobility

● Trailer chassis is equippedwith drag, pull and other functional parts for easier use, and it satisfies appliying at the mining, road engineering and other industries operating situation;

● Consistent with the size of the economic gensets and save the transportation cost;

● Supporting device is arranged on the trailer frame, which can adjust the horizontal position of the unit on the slope

● The double hanger structure ensures the lifting center of gravity

Humanization Design    

●Designed for the needs of frequent mobile or field power supply

● The canopy adopts rainproof, soundproof ,rustproof structure, and is provided with an inspection door and an observation window

● Artificial intelligent control for more accurate and sensitiveness;

● Digital image display function for easy understanding and reading;

● Cable rack can be pre-installed for convenient use.

● The branded accessories and spare parts can be available for various products;